Where do we find these lunatics?

Rod Jackson is scared of the unvaccinated and perhaps his own shadow reading this article. He is quite possibly clinically insane reading his attempts of laying down the law.

Covid 19 Delta outbreak: NZ needs 95% vax rate before even thinking of Xmas freedom – top expert

What a complete cock womble this guy is. Once again showing us that epidemiologists are more harmful than any use if left to their own devices.

I wonder if he is reading the technical updates from the NHS, as his claim that the 10% unvaccinated being responsible for 80% of the infections doesn’t match their data.

It sounds like he has been madly typing into his calculator while he recovers from a panic attack after seeing someone through his binoculars not wearing a mask.

No holidays unless we get over 95% vaccination rate he cries. Obviously this is some sort of projection that the vaccine isn’t providing people like him immunity. An unvaccinated person might infect him. On that logic a fully vaccinated person can infect another fully vaccinated person too. This is what is happening out there. If a vaccinated person gets an infection they will pass it on just as easily as an unvaccinated.

Can we please get Anders Tegnell over to NZ to give us some advise. He can give our epidemiologists some smarts while he is at it..

I think this article is the nuttiest read of the year. I dare someone to trick or treat him this Halloween wearing the fancy dress above.

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