Where has the critical thinking gone?

300 million worldwide now facing starvation due to draconian lockdown measures. 3 million have died from ‘Covid’, over 80 % of cases had other health issues, mostly obesity. To put it in perspective approx 18 million worldwide die from heart disease each year, 1 million from suicide, 1.5 million from diabetes. Our unhealthy lifestyles are killing us! Why have we not taken these killers as seriously as Covid? No measures to improve worldwide health or lower obesity. Silencing of effective treatments, removal of effective treatments from sale in many countries. 17 have died out of over 2500 cases in NZ, less than 100 people have been hospitalised. Not a mention of the 2475+ people who have recovered, their symptoms, how sick they were. WHO has recently changed the definition of both herd immunity and pandemics. The vaccine vibrates at a frequency of 20/1000 which means destruction of human life. About as low vibration as it possibly gets. You could not pay me a million dollars to alter my dna. No animals survived the testing. Testing is not complete. The makers take no liability. The makers have paid out billions in claims from vaccines. Thousands have died, tens of thousands injured from these vaccines already. Why are these not being reported? If the government wants to give us the truth why are they emitting this important truth? Only 5% of vaccine injuries are reported. Why are we being coerced into taking a vaccine for which most have a 99.7% survival rate and that there are multiple natural remedies for that don’t require altering our dna , which has never been done before and should probably not be trialed as an emergency solution?! The government and in turn media still reports only ‘one truth’ and ridicules and demonises anyone who dares to question the ‘one truth’. Where has the critical thinking gone? The next generation/s will pay the price for this ignorance. Ignorance is a choice.

What will it take?

A lot it seems!

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