Where’s the warming?

Whilst satellite measurements show a slight warming trend, we are currently sitting right on the 1979-2000 average temperature.

Antartica has recovered from it’s heat wave and is sitting more than -2 degrees cooler.

New Zealand is enjoying a heat wave but all these years of anthropogenic CO2 induced warming has mysteriously not here any more. So much for heat trapped in the atmosphere.

It seems that people are less concerned about the environment and global warming at the moment, given 2% of the population in the US have put this as the largest problem facing society in the latest gallop pole.


It has become increasingly difficult for the alarmists in our political and scientific community to pull the wool over our eyes. it doesn’t stop them trying though

Interestingly they seem happy pulling the wool over their own eyes, and data manipulation is now the new norm.

Scientists are publishing more modelled data rather the actual recorded thermometer data to keep the warming occurring.

In the US they replace data from measuring stations with modelled data where no reporting, or inconclusive data is all that is available. This should only be a minority of stations that have actual data replaced with modelled data.

Check the reality of what’s happening with modelled data replacing actual data on video below

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