While the media cheers for Zelenski’s victory’s, Ukrainian troops surrender to Russian forces en masse

One day the media is going to have to justify how poorly they informed the people on what is really going on in Ukraine.

Until then finding out what’s really going on is left to fringe media outlets and expert analysts being slowly banned on Twitter .

Countries like Germany are waking up to how hard it is to sanction a commodity based economy of which you yourself heavily rely on.

Zelensky is increasingly acting like an irrational and spoiled brat. Ignoring the fact his army is dwindling and being left to die. All the while he boasts about victories, and demands more support from countries like Germany.A country he is now dissing for not halting buying Russian gas. Zelensky has told Germany to provide Ukraine with more weapons or don’t bother calling. I’m sure that will work.

The media will keep telling us in the West that Russia is about to be defeated and is responsible for war atrocities. Seemingly unaware that all they are doing is fuelling the fire for an escalation into WWIII.

No one will want to admit defeat to Russia, particularly the UK and the US. So they are forced to propagandise the war and look for an acceptable way to justify entering into a potential nuclear war.

For most the propaganda is working too.

The amount of so called peace loving Kiwis who are screaming for the NATO forces to crush the evil Ruskies is dumbfounding. Seemingly oblivious to the fact that there has been a civil war fought for years in the Ukraine region and one where the human rights and atrocities dished out on Russian speaking Ukrainians has had the MSM keep deadly silent on.

Whilst this is not a good versus evil war by any stretch of the imagination, the ones with less blood on their hands is not NATO, Zelensky and the NeoCons from the West. T

he latter group is leading the innocent people of Ukraine into a dark and deadly place, for their troops, into oblivion. And all due to their own vanity, nothing else.

Below is a short video that is a little closer to what is going on around Mariupol and the battle zones close by.

An easy negotiation could have taken place early on, but fuelled by poorly assessed guesswork and propaganda on the media front, what could have been a peaceful end to this conflict with an honest assessment of what is really going on, has only created an even more indignant, and more committed Russia. One that is less interested in negotiating and more determined to achieve its objectives.

Blaming Putin for this conflict is akin to blaming bullet for the big hole you just shot in your foot. Europeans are beginning to wake up, the US people aren’t interested. This is a project fuelled by ignorance and egos of politicians.

Will we ever be told the truth of the conflict?

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