While you watch Ukraine the data gets dropped

90% of deaths are vaccinated in the UK

Warnings are provided on misinterpreting the data as they do on every COVID Surveillance Report. I think this speaks for itself really.

That’s some seriously effective vaccine and no wonder the mandates are ending.

The reality is even though the NHS has some in depth reporting. What is missing is the real death count. Dying with COVID and from COVID seems to still be a statistic that no one wants to talk about.

Fortunately the Virus is no longer the threat that it was feared and it is time to move on. We patiently wait for the politicians to let it go.

Why are the police breaking up the protest today?

With the Police breaking up the protest today one would imagine the day is getting closer that we are to be set free. Or at least an announcement, you know how much labour likes announcements.

They wouldn’t want people getting an idea that the protest was successful so first job is to get rid of all those pesky racist protestors.

I wonder how many of the riot squad in there today is unvaccinated. Seeing as they won their case recently about the legality of mandates, you would imagine a lot more cops were available to work 🤔

Oh the irony

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