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Is the smoking gun being delivered to the decision makers in the Supreme Court?

Sidney Powell has been speaking about the Hammer and Scorecard software that is used by up to 47 states to count the ballots electronically.

News has been out for a while that a software “glitch” switched 550 Trump votes to Biden. This in its self is not an election winning volume of votes.

However Sidney Powell has gone public with an estimation that 3% of the total vote could have been “switched” by this software glitch.

Powell, who is part of the Trump legal team, has long been known for exposing Government wrongdoings. She is currently helping General Michael Flynn with his court case after Information released by the FBI shows the Flynn case was a hit job by the anti Trump faction of the FBI.

Powell has claimed that certain Democratic operatives had access to the counting software and the ability to make changes through a back door in the system.

She has asked the President to use his most trusted intelligence officials in the military to investigate the system to see if there is any dubious access.

There is also an allegation that the FBI and the Justice department are involved however this may not be entirely in Trumps favour.

However Powell has gone on to say that the Democrats ran an algorithm to calculate how many votes needed to be changed to Biden to secure the win.

Anyone saying there is no evidence, well here is what the Trump team have that they are filing in court as we speak.

  1. Several whistleblowers saying mail in ballots were being backdated to ensure they were able to be counted.
  2. “Glitches” in the counting software which was Democrat interference.
  3. Batches of votes that came in that were 100% for Biden (a statistical impossibility in real terms)

It is going to be interesting to see how these allegations pan out.

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