WHO and the “Climate Emergency”

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A short post. I read that the World Health Organization (WHO) has made projections of the likely causes of death in the year 2060. I thought I’d go take a look to see how many of them would be from the widely-hyped but to-date invisible “CLIMATE EMERGENCY!!!”.

Data on link below


These are the WHO estimates

Wow … that is a heck of an “EMERGENCY” all right. Deaths from all “forces of nature”, not just climate-related but all forces, are less than murder, far less than suicide, and trivial compared to motor vehicle crashes. Be still, my beating heart.

Good to see that at least to date, the World Health Organization hasn’t drunk the climate Koolaid …

Why are deaths from climate so low? Well, because humans have gotten much better at protecting ourselves from the weather. Here’s a graph, originally from Bjorn Lomborg. Being a skeptical sort of fellow, I got to wondering if it might contain some kind of error. So I went to the EMDAT Global Disaster Database that Bjorn had used … and I got exactly the same result he’d gotten. 

Why have climate-related deaths dropped so low? Back in the bad old days, lots of people died from climate-related disasters. But better communications, improved warning systems, fossil-fuel heat for houses, faster transportation, improved crop varieties, irrigation, air conditioning, and the like have brought the annual climate-related deaths down to only a few per million people.

Here’s the bottom line. For forty years and more people have been shouting from the rooftops about the imminent “CLIMATE EMERGENCY!!!”

In that regard, consider the following:

1. a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

Call me crazy, but anything that has given absolutely no signs of showing up after forty years of endless warnings is not an “unexpected situation requiring immediate action”.

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