Who do we trust?

It is no wonder that the term “Conspiracy Theory” is bandied about so often these days. With no ability to trust a single source, apart from Ardern’s “one source of truth” of course… We really are left to do our own journalistic work.

This of course sends you down many rabbit holes when you start to learn more about any subect, These rabbit holes that end up being covered as conspiracy theories by the MSM.

So lets look at the publics belief in the media in NZ

here is a table I copied off Kiwiblog. It is an AUT study of the trust of news sources

Forgetting the most believed to the least believed on the table for the purposes of this commentary. If you look at the comparison between 2020 and 2021, we can see that the MSM outlets above are all decreasing in credibility. It is a decrease across the board too. Some are not to quite the same degree as others, but a drop for all outlets of news regardless of the degree.

It is also interesting that we have, in the past few years, had the birth of the “fact checkers.” This is likely an attempt of the traditional media outlets to try and discredit news or information that people have received elsewhere such as social media. The credibility of fact checkers has probably been a big part of the overall decline, given how politically motivated the news has also become.

Conspiracy theories are born for a number of reasons. Ironically it is the quality of the media these days, that is likely the genesis of this trust (or lack there of).

The need to sell the news has reached a point where the media outlets either want to make the news in order to get paid, or want to get paid off to make the news that suits the person paying the bills..

At some point along the way, the media has been hijacked by the value the story can add to their balance sheet, rather than just informing us of the goings on of the day.

I bet the Herald had a number in the high 9’s one hundred years ago. It is now at 6.2. The “Spin Off is at 5.2. If Planet B Media was to make it to a study like this we would likely be treated the same way as one of our trusted sources of info being Tony Heller.

Tony is a classic example of someone going up against the establishment. Tony is a bright scientist who was part of developing better microchips. And as well as have a number of other more climate based studies under his belt he is also hated by the propaganda machine.

Tony gets a lot of bad publicity from a bunch of bad actors, but like planet B Media, he likes to go beyond the headlines and look deeper into the subject matter.

If you google his name you get barraged with info claiming he is a nobody. but we are all nobodies until be peel back the bullshit and look at the real story.

Ironically Tony uses a lot of news paper articles from our past to make his points.

A newspaper article from 1921 showing a hot period of climate might be called a red herring by some. But the reality is back in 1921, reporting on a heatwave or the warm climate at the time, gives us a great insight into which data graphs that are produced by the government funded laboratories and universities are the credible ones.

Also it serves as a good reminder for our not so distant history. An example being the predictions of when Al Gore told us the polar caps would be ice free 6 years ago.

Its hard to believe the propaganda from 1992 now. It was a real concern in 1992, but when we have had a 30% increase in CO2 and the polar bears still get around on ice in the north pole, it hard to see the news articles of 1992 claiming we will be ice free as credible.

Check out some Tony Heller climate science to see whether you think he is a conspiracy theorist or…

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