Who is Sidney Powell?

Sidney Powell is potentially going to uncover one of the biggest political scandals in our lifetime.

She is claiming she has evidence that shows the lengths that the power hungry have been going through to fraudulently get their hands on the power of the executive branch of the USA Government .

Powell is staking her reputation on the facts that she has will show the deviousness of the scheme. She has claimed that she has photos, screen shots and affidavits clearly showing that the election was rigged to the tune of about 7,000,000 votes.

So who is Sidney Powell?

Sidney Powell is an attorney. After graduating from Law School in 1978 she became an assistant district Attorney in Texas. In the year after graduating from law school she prosecuted Jimmy Chagra. Chagra was a drug trafficker who was implicated in the 1979 assassination of U.S. district judge John H Wood Jr.

Powell remained an Attorney for the state for 10 years, being appointed Appellate Section Chief for the Western District of Texas and then the Northern District.

In 1993 she set up her own law firm where she handled many high profile cases. She has served as lead council for more than 500 appeals with a reversal rate of the original decision of 70%

Powell teaches in the area of federal appellate law practice, including work for the Attorney General’s Advocacy Institute of the US Department of Justice. She is a member of the Law Institute and was president of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers In the early 2000’s.

She has written a best selling book called ‘Licensed to Lie’ which detailed corruption in the Department of Justice. She has also published several journal articles on law and appears on many media outlets

So, when she says she stakes her reputation on this Evidence of election fraud, it is not some no-name lawyer from a side ally legal firm making outlandish claims they will never back up.

This is of course a chance for Powell to make a name for herself, and given her strike rate and the claim that she has more evidence than what it took to lock up half the incarcerated population of the USA. She may be causing some people to sleep a little uncomfortably at the moment.

The readers digest version of her case is as follows.

The software that was used in many counting machines was designed in Venezuela to help Hugo Chavez ensure elections went his way.

The software enables you to manipulate the vote in several ways depending on what outcome you want.

This software was used to manipulate vote counting to give Biden more votes in certain swing states.

The fact that Trump got more votes than what was anticipated meant that they needed to introduce more Biden votes. This was achieved by flipping votes from Biden to Trump and dropping off large boxes of Biden ticked ballot papers in the wee hours of the morning. The late night stop in counting in several states was part of this regigging of the vote data.

She believes she has the evidence to prove this including Mathematical impossibilities, Affidavits of multiple people who witnessed impropriety and expert testimony from people who are familiar with the software.

This is going to be very interesting

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