Who’s Bloody With Me!

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Was NZs election rigged? Maybe, but there’s a few factors many might not be taking into account.
Mark Twain once wrote that “if voting made any difference, they would not let us do it” respectfully, I disagree, I think that if voting made no difference, why’s there such massive efforts to get turkeys vote for an early Christmas?

Now, how many politicians were put on tv, the internet, print and radio media every day for almost all of 2020 scaring the public with Covid19, claiming to be the only source of truth, and the only source of safety?

How many gave fifty million dollars to said media?

How many of said media were critical of said politician after being given said monies?

How many political parties critical of the COVID-19 response, said media and said politician, were largely kept out of debates, censored by foreign controlled social media and demonised by the right & left leaning politicians, plus virtually all media both mainstream and alternative?

Taking just these factors into account, rigged or not, this election result wasn’t entirely unexpected, so did they even need to rig it? I say no, they already had it stitched up.
Did they rig it anyway just to be sure? Possibly.

That being said, the “sore loser” moniker is bound to be thrown at all who question the results, so in conclusion, let us quit whinging and start WORKING!
If there isn’t a way we’ll find a way, just don’t get demoralised and give up, because as the old saying goes “there’s no such thing as a lost cause while there’s still at least one fool left to fight it.”
Ladies, gentlemen, I am that fool, and I encourage you to be just as foolish as I when I say that even with the deck stacked, the doors locked and the game rigged,
I will NEVER stop playing to win, NEVER give up and NEVER surrender!
If someone wants to beat me, they’ll have to kill me first.
Who’s with me?

By Vinny Eastwood

Source: https://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2020/11/statistical_anomalies_in_the_2020_new_zealand_election.html?fbclid=IwAR0hj8pSubGW5jXbKzvvK930fFGtVe5OakhtIZVdSBnNwV1TMO914_QMDlM

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