Why can’t we have a 10 day investigation?

Seems my late reversal on Pence finding his balls and suggesting he was ready to reject electors was misgiven hope. He capitulated as I originally had assumed he would and he has likely destroyed his own career at the same time.

Ted Cruz is the one speaking sense. He is simply asking for a independent commission to look into the allegations.

But the resistance of any meaningful investigation continues. Guilty through your actions is what the Swamp creatures are telling us, and don’t be mistaken, there are plenty of swamp creatures in both the Democrat’s and the Republicans.

So what happens next? likely, (without any meaningful intervention) Pence will declare Biden the new President tomorrow. There will be ongoing investigations and ultimately electoral law overhaul to avoid this crazy style election again.

There is a chance that in the next 24 hours Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania lawmakers decertify their electors. this will add more fuel to the fire but ultimately it is getting less and less likely anyone is willing to stick their neck out outside the vocal house reps and senators.

Congress has restarted after the occupation. Debates will continue.

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