Why do economists get it wrong more often than they get it right?

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By Gary Lin

Guessing or predicting the market is like speculating GameStop stocks go through the moon, or sitting in the surf and trying to keep your hair dry from the rogue wave.

Or trying to run a marathon with the preparation and mentality of a sprinter.

Chances are you will learn a costly lesson, sooner or later.

Whether you are invested in your business, or properties, it is important to have the discipline and mentality a dairy farmer.

You won’t get rich overnight, but you know the hard work every day will pay off, as your herd (insert your business or property) grow bigger and stronger.

The milk you get from your diary cows is what keeps your milking operation running.

Just like the positive net cashflow from your business and property.

Never spend money you do not have.

Lastly, economic, business, and property goe through cycles, just like summer follows spring, winter follows autumn.

Don’t try to beat the market. Always do the right things at the right time of the market, and anticipate what you need to do to your business and property.

Lastly, remember that cash is not necessarily king.

Cashflow is king.


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