Why India isn’t in the news anymore

India was the picture child of the devastation that could be caused by COVID. Pimped on every media outlet, India was the horror that everyone feared.

Suddenly the news stopped. what happened? It has currently got about 20% of the population fully vaccinated at the time of writing. But where the graph below started to decline sharply, they were at less than 3% vaccinated.

At 3% vaccination the rates plummeted and by the time the decline flattened out India had reached approximately 4.7%

India used ivermectin vitamin D3 and zinc with a rapid response team in large areas that helped rid COVID of certain areas but this doesn’t explain the overall decrease.

Death rates are also lower

So it isn’t the vaccine lessening hospitalisations and deaths either as the decline occurs at the same time as the time they were at a very low vaccine uptake.

lets look at Singapore which has had a very low death rate overall and a huge roll out of the vaccine

Over a 80% vaccination rate and infections higher than ever.

Today Mike Hosking defended this saying hospitalisations are low and we should ignore this reality.

Really? Not sure where Hosking got his statistics degree, but the highest amount of deaths so far in the pandemic after you reach 80% vaccination is significant.

last months NHS technical reporting showed more deaths in the under 50 age group from the double jabbed as statistically compared to the death rate of the unvaccinated. In in both cases however, the numbers are incredibly low.

85,407 fully vaccinated cases in England resulted in 48 deaths with a Infection Fatality rate (IFR) of 0.06%

Unvaccinated infections totalled 132 deaths from 248,803 infections, giving an IFR rare of 0.05%

So based on this limited info, it would seem that Delta isn’t that deadly and your vaccination status means nothing.

Politicians are keen to claim that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. The only stat that gives this theory a glimmer of hope is the triple jabbed Israelis.

Israel started offering a third jab to the over 60’s in July this year. The spike seems to be in decline now.

Deaths are split between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, where the split went from 50/50 between the two, to slightly more deaths in the unvaccinated on a p/100,000 basis.

However Denmark throws a whole curve ball at the vaccination efficacy.

At the point that Denmark reached the lower line at the beginning of February in the graph below, they had reached 1.9% of the population fully vaccinated.

Denmark has now reached over 75% yet has made virtually no difference to the graph. infact they were in massive decline until they started vaccinating and then they virtually flatlined

Deaths mirror this phenomenon as the graph below and have steadily increased with the uptake of the vaccine.

These three very different countries and their responses seem to point to the fact that there is much more at play than getting the jab. When will our media do their job and research these realities?

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