Why is Fauci Lying…Again

Rand Paul is bang on here.

We ran an article a few months ago on the gain of function issue that the NIH was playing down and claiming wasn’t occurring.

article linked here https://planetb-media.com/2021/02/05/gain-of-function-i-e-super-virus/

It is an incontrovertible fact that funds were being given to the Wuhan Lab via Ecohealth from funding from the NIH. government documentation clearly shows the money trail and the study has Dr. Fauci’s name on it.

Ecohealth being one of these NGO’s that officials use to create an “arms length” flow of money.

The funds were being used to study Corona Viruses, in bats and its ability to jump species into humans.

The CEO of Ecohealth was tasked with the job of seeing if the Wuhan Lab was the origin of the virus now known as the perpetrator of the COVID-19 disease

So the guy who took money from the NIH and gave it to the Wuhan Lab, is then tasked with the job of leading an enquiry, which if it was found it did originate from the Wuhan lab, would seriously implicate himself in the process?

A lab, which official reports clearly show, had hired woefully inexperienced staff with poor processes in place.

MMMM maybe that’s why Dr. Fauci is dancing on the head of a pin with this questioning. Sounds like he has been studying law and politics more than medicine lately when you listen to him answering the questions from Rand Paul

if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck

What we now know

  • The Virus originated in Wuhan
  • Wuhan has a lab that was studying CORONA viruses
  • A way of studying viruses and its potential effects on humans is to modify the virus to be able to infect humans this process is known as gain of function
  • A published study 2 years ago from Shi Zhengli a well respected scientist from the Wuhan lab which has been reviewed by MIT who say it is “Gain of function” study
  • Wuhan lab was cited as having poorly trained staff and processes

Where oh Where could the virus have come from?

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