Why it’s time for epidemiologists to take the back seat.

Yet another epidemiologist behaving like COVID is the only thing that we need to concern ourselves with.

Funnily enough this one is some one who specialises in cardiac health. One must wonder what is a bigger threat to life. COVID-19 or Unhealthy Hearts?


As Michael Baker is a leading Epidemiologist, to not confuse Rod Jackson with Baker, they call him a “prominent Epidemiologist”

Rod Jackson thinks that because it’s not an election year politicians should get along with each other and tell everyone to get vaccinated.

The reality is twofold Rod.

1. They all are telling everyone to get vaccinated

2. We want to get on with our lives and there are many other issues facing Kiwis that need political debate. particularly with labour having total control of our laws right now

  • 3 waters
  • Housing
  • Tyrannical Governments
  • The destruction of our economy
  • the creation of apartheid
  • Removal of our rights to free speech
  • The theft of our identity as a Nation
  • Isolation from the world

The list goes on.

New Zealand’s future is being largely shaped by two very different groups that have something very big in common. And it is a problem

So called “intellectuals” with no real world experience is our plague

The two groups are University Social Activists and celebrity scientists

All are university scholars who have remained either at their university or have made the small step into politics.

The list of people who have never had a real job or made a commercial decision that affects them personally and who are now shaping our future is extraordinary.

Compare Sweden’s driving force behind their success of navigating the pandemic to our crew of political students

This list, is of people who have never known life outside of the halls of parliament or their Universities, and are now making decisions that go far beyond their level of comprehension

  • The entire COVID advisory team
  • The Labour Party

I was going to list the Michael Baker’s and the Nania Mahuta’s, the Ardern’s and Grant Robertson’ etc etc but it was easier to just list the two groups above.

We need a collective noun for these intellectuals who never venture further than the end of the public teat.

None lose an ounce of income with their political or health response decisions, all benefit from the endless media attention they so desire. None face consequences of the plotting of their own ability to profit from the crises that they help create. None have comprehension of the devastating future they are moulding for our country.

Hendy has been an unmitigated disaster with his creative modelling, yet he still gets more media attention. He is now learning that bad publicity is even better than good publicity. Perhaps he really knew this all along.

Tell them 88,000 people will die and become a household name.

He dialled that back to 7,000 recently and the next 7 days he is back in the lime light.

The media are no better, publishing their click bait with misleading headlines and propaganda.

What we are left with is a nation brought to its knees by a hyped up news induced anxiety and the following removal of liberty that we haven’t seen since war times.

Unfortunately I don’t have a solution to the societal madness that has become modern life.

It seems it is the outcome of having it too good.

In the absence of real dilemma’s we end up with manufactured social injustices and a war on liberties to the working classes.

Schools Universities and governments have focused on breeding complicit social justice warriors to replace free thinking radicals.

We have become a group think anti science woke brigade society who are now desiring socialism as though there is an urgent need for a cure for capitalism.

We are so concerned about being offended on behalf of others that we are now to scared to laugh at ourselves.

Cancel culture rules over commercial decisions and the endless drive for soctal justice has silenced anyone who dares to be different.

Universities used to be places that encouraged free thought and debate. Now you are ostracised for daring to be different.

You are thought how to behave and what to believe.

Consensus now is how science is settled. The scientific method of disproving a hypothesis is replaced with how do I find a way to prove it.

Galileo spent his life in exile for daring to claim the earth revolved around the sun. Ironically we now live in a world where there is likely more flat earthers alive today than there was when the brave Italian was making some of the first telescopes used to view our celestial bodies.

If a Galileo type was born today, he wours be crushed by the modern day universities, just as the Galileo was by the Catholic Church, for daring to question the Pope as the leading science advisor of the day.

Enlightenment came and went, it’s still the politicians of the day that has the final say in what we are to believe.

Just look at climate change. If you dare say there isn’t an emergency you will be bullied and fired faster than the arctic was meant to be ice free.

Atheism has replaced religion not with science, but simply a new belief system that is fed through carefully selected messages on social media.

This website exists because we are censured on social media.

We have a constant message on Facebook telling us we are about to be unpublished. We hang on by the skin of our teeth because our science doesn’t suit the group think that we are meant to believe.

I have been called anti science which reminds me of the way the Catholics and the other Break away Christianity groups fought over whose religion was right. And as usual it is the fear of death that is used to sway the masses.

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