Why our government is dishonest

It is really down to one reason.

Implementing the agenda of the puppet masters at the U.N.

A global community and one world government requires a global effort of forced policies and mandates.

Given that the U.N. Is the retirement village for failed socialists who gravitate to the, unelected by the people, organisation. Dishonesty is part a parcel with this global ruling body.

Look at the obfuscation over the indigenous peoples mandate that John Key signed us up for. He may well of not realised what he was doing, but Helen Clark seemed to have to be good sense to give it a wide birth.

But for our idealogical current labour government the stench of UN policy is a scent that puts them on heat.

So besotted with the idea of being something Helen Clark couldn’t quite do, be the supreme leader of the woke brigade at the U.N. Ardern will tell us any old thing to keep us quietly enjoying the journey to hell.

They say the path to hell is paved with good intentions but alas Ardern’s are simply sound bytes that mean naught she knows the sheep will lap it up. just look at the results of these policies that are designed to make us feel good. Misery and pain is the real result. There is nothing equitable about Labour. We just don’t get the media addressing the failure.

Like dumb animals licking the end of a 22 riffle before it’s aimed at their skull.

The masses are being prevented from figuring out that they too, heading for the meat works.

This is where Ardern is taking us. To a place where we are controlled by laws designed to wipe out the middle class, have a ruling elite and a dumbed down slave market where we will “own nothing and be happy”

Our academics are leading from the front with bullshit science like the climate agendas and now a propaganda campaign that would make Stalin jealous, being Covid 19.

Could anyone dream a few years ago that we would be taking part in a massive scientific experiment with gene therapy injections.

With deaths being reported by coroners as undetermined, whilst quietly suggesting it was the vaccine that killed them. but no way are they prepared to go on record. Why not exactly, are they living in fear?

Well this is where we are at now. We are not just taking part in a scientific experiment with this vaccine. We are being tested as to how well we conform to government mandates.

They are winning and largely because we are buying the lies.

The next step is “hate speech” anyone who challenges the government on this will be deemed a criminal.

Talk to anyone who has lived under a tyrannical leader and ask them what they lived through.

Freedom is not taken in one foul swoop. It is slowly removed while you aren’t paying attention. A little bit here, a little bit there.

Being honest about what is going on would alert the population to the bigger picture, thrithfulness would jeopardise the bigger picture and so they cannot be truthful.

This is a military style planned attack on our freedom and the code word is U.N.

Disarm the people, take away their rights and then we are at the mercy of the ruling elite.

We are at the dawn of a new era and the dumbed down youth are embracing this new world order in the name of white guilt and the evil ways of humanity.

The likes of Ardern are the ones that will do their best to usher in this new age. They will obfuscate, deceive and down right lie.

That is why we have the most dishonest government ever. They dare not tell us the truth.

They have done their best to buy the press, they have silenced anyone who dares speak against the narrative and they will bring in laws to give them the power to cut off the heads of those that complain.

Try being a Dr. and denounce the current vaccine. You get your licence threatened of being revoked.

Free speech eh?

So we have the lie that the virus is a naturally occurring one that jumped in species that somehow made its way into a wet market. Problem

Here is there is no evidence of this.

Meanwhile we have a lab doing gain of function work on Corona viruses down the road.

The media says we are conspiracy theorists to say it was created in the lab.

Ok it wasn’t created as in from scratch, but taking a harmless virus and giving it superpowers to be able to infect humans is close enough to creation in my book.

And make no mistake this is now incontrovertible.

We have the WHO a U.N. subsidiary running all sorts of interference on the virus. Starting out with, it was nothing to worry about, to spreading false information on treatments and through to the efficacy of face masks.

Now condoning we all take a unknown gene therapy treatment.

How’s that working out? Just fine if you ask the government. Not so good if your friends and family are dying from the vaccination and then having an off the record chat with the coroner who confirms it was the vaccine but refuses to put that on the death certificate.

We have a government that uses the same systems as the likes of Stalin and the Nazi party.

Problem is the youth of today see socialism and the leaders who enforce it as hero’s and a fairer and more equitable system.

History is destined to repeat itself and it is the leaders of today that will make that happen.

53% of New Zealanders think we are going in the right direction.

And unfortunately that is democracy. We will move in the direction of the 51%, even if they are leading us off the cliff.

And it is the lies of the government that is leading that 51% to the edge of the cliff.

Will enough sheep wake up by the next election and more importantly, will their replacements stop the influence of the U.N.

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