Why the 90% target is simply more political spin

Setting the 90% target can only be born from the total desire to be able to pat herself on the back from the podium of Truth. I am of course talking about the princess of self praise Jacinda Ardern.

Her seven minutes of self congratulations before ever getting to a point that people have tuned in for, has become the PM’s style. It won her in emphatic victory at the last election and no doubts we are now watching a slow drawn out application for to be entered into the U.N. senior officials club.

On her C.V. she so desires for the sheep of New Zealand to be the highest percentage of fully drenched herd of 5,000,000

The World Economic Forum selected Ardern as a future world leader back in 2014. She joins Trudeau, Macron and a plethora of other influential people, particularly when it comes to Covid responses. No longer being the elimination hero, Ardern is depirate to make up for this mishap by being the lord of the vaccinations.

her comments about protecting the vaccinated from the unvaccinated would surely be worthy of the maximum punishment of the proposed hate speech laws she is also trying to push upon the sheep of Aotearoa.

The highest recorded vaccination rate to date is the UAE with 86.8% of its population vaccinated.

Singapore is close behind in 4th spot with 82.5%. Ironically this tiny nation was having an average of 31 new cases per day when they commenced their vaccine roll out on January 11. This had then increased to 150 per day when they hit 78% fully vaccinated on August 31.

from 78% to 80% took them till October 4, so just 35 days later. The infection rate grew in this time to an average of 2,296 new infections per day.

Now they have the dizzying heights of being at 82.5% fully vaccinated, they have also reached the dizzying heights of 3,558 a short time later.

Imagine what they could do at 90%?

Research is now out that shows there is no positive correlation between the percentage that your population has taken advantage of jabs and infection rates. If anything the highest percentage countries have the higher infection rates. Look at the multi jabbing Israelis who now are no longer classed fully vaccinated at two jabs. w

When we reach 90%, according to Ardern, we will then be able to enter the traffic light system. More ways for us to be controlled. As if traffic lights aren’t enough on the road we now have one to tell us if we can leave the house.

So we are being held hostage by an arbitrary figure which is only being used to further vilify those that are vaccine hesitant or in fact a true antivaxxer. And if you haven’t had a double jab (or perhaps your third by the time we are at the traffic light system) it is a permanent red light for you.

Furthermore, there are plenty of people who would prefer a more standard delivery of a vaccine rather than through the mRNA passage. The Novavax has been identified by many people as a vaccine they would take of the mRNA version. Even with this we may struggle to get to 90%. Without it, it will surely be a bar too high and something we have become all too accustomed to, simply another total failure of Ardern and her mob to sensibly apply policy settings to achieve something meaningful

You choose which tops the list of clusterfucks

  • Housing affordability
  • Homelessness
  • Mental Health
  • Covid Elimination Strategy
  • MIQ spots
  • Immigration
  • More Health capacity including ICU beds
  • Planting a Billion Trees
  • Railway to the Airport
  • Open and Honest
  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Cost of living (inflation)
  • Crown Debt
  • Rent Affordability
  • Education
  • Gun laws vs crime rates using guns
  • relationship with Farmers who we rely on

The only thing they have succeeded in is paying off the media to stop them reporting on the bumbling buffoons labour has become.

Ardern is now destined to fall from grace. She has gone too far with her ineptitude and all the self praise is falling on more and more deaf ears. Even the ones that were crying from the rooftops about how wonderful she is, can now see the empress is wearing no clothes.

So long kid it will take decades to repair the damage you have done and you are still able to inflict on the country you like to call Aotearoa

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