Why the Comparison to 1930’s Germany…

The Herald today announced the Gummint are considering “…borders around low vaxxed areas” (WTF do you call what’s happening to Auckland);

So why do we compare these events to the Nazis style tactics?  Well we are actually comparing them to any Dictatorship, but the Nazis were just the pinnacle of achievement in this area, and one should always strive to be the best at what they are trying to be; 

Vaccine Papers                                                 Check

Preferential treatment                                  Check

Disparate racial policies                                 Check

Limiting freedom of movement                Check

Limiting freedom of speech                        Check

Social programming                                        Check

Travel restrictions                                           Check

One Source of the truth                                Check

Derision & Vilification                                   Check

Specific “Anti” laws & Mandate                 Check

State sponsored media                                 Check                                   

Ghetto’s (as of today)                                   Pending?

House arrest                                                    Soon?

Special detention facilities                           Soon?

Re-education camps                                       Soon?

Nearly there again, and in less than 80 years. Remember the German and Austrian public stood back and could not understand what the fuss was about.

The fact the press aren’t making these comparisons proves they are State Funded Propaganda Facilitators.


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