Why the current health officials need to go

Epidemiology is the study of the numbers around the transmission, treatment and mortality of infectious diseases (note infectious diseases)

Why is this relevant? Well at Planet-B we have at length pointed to Bakers fictitious unsubstantiated ramblings as to where this is outbreak is going.

Combine this with having a Director General of Health who’s qualification is in non-infectious diseases and a Government following a futile elimination strategy, who have spent precisely nothing on improving our frontline response, even though it was patently obvious that this variant was on its way, and I can see why my kids want out of NZ.  

Hell even the Aussies get it (we clearly are becoming ‘thick’ as a nation) – I guess we can no longer refute the OECD education stats that have us at the very bottom of most categories)

But to the numbers.  If we follow Bakers scaremongering numbers:

Cases 277

                                                                              Baker     Actual

Number that should be in hospital                    83           16

Number in ICU                                                    14-20         0

Deaths                                                                   2-5            0

Perhaps we can get him to start a website picking Lotto numbers

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