Why you need to live like you are unvaccinated

For all of you trying to come up with memes or smart arse comments comparing polio or smallpox, and it’s elimination or eradication through vaccines, to the COVID jabs. Here is some education on why you are comparing apples with fornicating baboons

Firstly Polio. The virus killed 2 to 5 % of children who caught it and 15 to 30 % of adults.

It also lead to long term muscle deterioration in many survivors.

An actual vaccine that prevented you catching it was created. It took many years to bring this vaccine to the mass market after a large testing program, and a few mishaps along the way, where some vaccines weren’t manufactured properly. One of the reasons why vaccines aren’t normally rushed to the market. The vaccine for polio provided between 99 and 100% immunity from the virus.

Polio was spread through a fecal oral route. That’s right you had to get a piece of infected persons poop your mouth to catch it.

Smallpox is a virus that humans had suffered from for many years. It is known to be around in 1500 BC (or a similar disease) and even thought to have inflicted the ancient Egyptians.

However the first knowledge of smallpox for certain was in the 1500’s

It killed 30% of adults who caught it and that only increased in children. Those that survived would have scaring from scabby sores that developed. It also left many survivors blind.

The Chinese were the first to come up with an immunisation technique in the 1500’s which was by grinding up dried scabs of infected people and snorting it. This killed 20 % of those that did this but was seen as a better statistic than leaving it to fate.

Smallpox had largely been controlled for the wealthy in the UK and North America in the late 18th century by using techniques based on the scab treatment mentioned above. Rather than snorting it though, treated pus or other infected persons matter was rubbed into a superficial scrape of the skin. With the hope a mild infection would occur with this technique, meant the receiver would develop immunity without getting a severe case of the disease.

By the late 19th century better vaccines meant that Europe and North America had got the disease under control, but it was still a problem for nations outside of these regions

A large scale vaccination program was rolled out to the world during the 19th century and had varying success due to some countries like India being suspicious of the vaccine.

It was eventually eradicated through vaccinations, with the exception of Australia and New Zealand.

As it was not endemic in Australasia, vaccine use was not widely used and social distancing and strict quarantines were adopted to prevent the spread of the disease in NZ and Aussie. Isn’t that interesting.

The smallpox vaccine was 95% effective as providing immunity as well as a good medication for the recently infected.

Now back to COVID. The hope of many nations of eliminating this disease was on a the fast development of a vaccine.

Fortunately, unlike the fatality rates (IFR) of the virus many like to compare our current dilemma to, the IFR of COVID is less than 1% for the majority of the population. It is particularly low in the healthy and in children. Unlike the Spanish flu that killed young and old with the worst affected being infants, 20 to 40 year olds and the elderly.

The virus that caused Spanish flu is still with us today. It is called H1N1 and the flu jab today has this virus as one if it’s targets.

So back to the so called COVID vaccination. So invested in this solution are the governments of the world, that the definition of a vaccine has recently been changed by the WHO to be able to include the mRNA treatment as a vaccine.

The propaganda on the vaccine roll out has lead to most people ignoring the fact you can still catch, spread and get ill if you have been double jabbed

Listen to the video below from CDC director Rochelle Walensky.

This is very important. I have parents who one day we will meet again and with one being immunity compromised, they are very keen only to deal with people who are vaccinated.

This however is a dangerous game. As we know the vaccinated are just as able to transmit the disease as the unvaccinated. In actual fact they are more of a danger for a few simple reasons.

The efficacy of the vaccine in the elderly is greatly reduced. However, the severity of the disease is typically less in the vaccinated. This means a vaccinated person may feel well and not show any signs of being infectious. The claim that once you are vaccinated it’s job done leads people to think they will now not spread it. But they can and will if they both catch it but get such a mild infection they don’t notice.

This is the reason that Israel has recently had a huge resurgence of the disease, even though it has a high vaccination rate.

Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated are spreading the disease, but the most dangerous are those that don’t realise they are spreading it.

This is also why the mask mandate has been completely ineffective and in many cases worse than not mandating them.

The infectious particles that are breathed out by an active carrier of the virus, are many many times smaller than then woven fabric of the cotton masks.

The virus passes through the mask with ease and if you are infected and think wearing your mask when you go out, means your infection won’t infect others. Then you have a potential superspreader on your hands.

Here are some comparisons of mask mandates versus non mask mandates

So if masks don’t stop you passing on the virus and nor do vaccines, what do we do?

In short we need to get on with our lives. If you feel you are at risk consider the vaccine but know it is not like vaccines of the past.

If you are at risk, then the best thing the Government should do is rapidly invest in quick testing kits.

The fact they haven’t is worthy of a royal enquiry but more on that later.

If I am to go visit people who are at risk. A quick test before I go out to see them should be available to me, and to them.

Rapid negative tests are the real answer. Not treating the unvaccinated like they are the root of all evil.

How would you feel if you were vaccinated and not only did you catch it,but you passed it on to your elderly mother. You would feel pretty cheated by the claim the job is done.

There are cases of both mask wearing and vaccinated people dying when they thought they were fine and didn’t take other precautions.

That is why we can stop this “us versus them” culture with rapid testing availability.

This regime of turning people on one other through their vaccination status, is one used by dictatorial governments and should not be entertained by the people. It is perverse and will lead to terrible societal outcomes.

If the vaccine provided true immunity then you could have an argument for calling people antivaxers.

If the vaccination had gone through more rigorous testing, actually prevented the spread and the potential harm was more honestly appraised. Then you could call a “hold out” an antivaxer.

But until then, you can call them cautiously patient.

Be kind, check in on loved ones and be safe.

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