Will they ever stop lying?

Bush and forest fires are a big part of the alarmist tool kit.

In Australia a few years back, a visiting Michael Mann and his famous hockey stick were all over the fires. Using it to fan the climate change fear.

The same thing occurring in the USA. In both cases it is nothing to do with climate change. It is partially man made, but not from any fossil fuel use.

But that doesn’t stop the bull shit emanating from so called “quality papers”

A common trick with the alarmists is to select convenient dates to display data. This then sorts out a graph that shows a trend to suit the narrative.

Forest fires are on the rise and it’s fossil fuels that are to blame, in this case.

The inconvenient truth is the data, if you go back a little further you will see how false the articles claims are. Trouble is hoards of innocent bystanders will buy in and we have a raging crowd of alarmists.

But quality papers don’t lie do they?

When it comes to climate science, the fabrication is dire.

What is worse is leaders like Ardern, Trudeau, Boris and now Biden help promote this fiction to please an ill informed mass of climate alarmists, all in the name of saving the planet.

If you want to save the planet you need to look elsewhere muppets.

Try cleaning up actual pollutants that are destroying the oceans and waterways.

Try educating poorer countries on forest management and ecosystems rather than pretending CO2 is a pollutant.

Please help spread the word before these ultra woke fake science believing idiots turn us into sheep. Or is it to late?

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