With COVID comes Conformity

I came up with the idea of the wheel of fortune cartoon and with the help of the talented ROD and the enthusiasm of the artist’s keenest collector the fantastic political cartoon was brought into the world.

It made me think of something quite concerning though.

It was like a light went off, and what many people refuse to realise is that the new normal has been fully implemented – stealthily done without us even noticing.

Whilst we were focusing on death, the viability of vaccines and the efficacy of face masks. We have been ushered into a new life where we live a binary existence of “stay at home” or “its ok to go out.”

Nether comes with real freedom, the alert levels all requiring conformity one way or another.

This existence may come in the guise of an array of alert levels, four to be exact. But in reality, we are just like the cat waiting at the door to be let out. Maybe we will or maybe we will not be let out. it is at the sole discretion of our master that determines whether we get to do our business out in public or have to do it in the lounge. Perhaps that explains the toilet paper.

The outcome of these alert levels is the Government can announce at any time, on any day, our level of interaction with the world. Whether it is a strict stay at home 4, or 4 with KFC AKA level 3, a relaxed don’t do too much 2, or a cautious 1. The reality is we are either allowed out (or not) at the whim of our ruling elite.  We have been conditioned to live by 4 varying levels of conformity.

The hidden agenda in this new normal is that there is no level zero. We have allowed the Government to permanently monitor the environment to decide our ability to intermingle. We are now married to a community interaction status.

Some will say, yes but it’s for our own good. But the reality is, it doesn’t need to be COVID does it? Any threat to our collective wellbeing can have the Government decide what we can and can’t do at any point in time. We know there are other equally scientifically sketchy existential threats that our politicians are bothering themselves with.

Look at the captains call Oil and Gas ban. What’s to stop or PM wielding her newly implemented powers to monitor our movements in the wake of the now “Climate Emergency?” perhaps this is just the entree to the ruling elite giving any array of crisis to enable them to freely decide what the plebs can do this week.

CO2 is high this week – no one can drive a car; you must work from home. Eventually we will only be allowed to breath in, breathing out causes too much CO2 pollution.

What is more is that these numbers are also able to be allocated to us geographically. Sector one is at level 3, sector two is at level 1. Where is at level 0? we will eventually ask when it is far too late. Don’t be stupid, Jacinda will tell us, 0 is not a number sir, you can only exist between 1 and 4. Be grateful you are only at level 2, you could be like those guys in level 3. In fact, any more questions like that and you will all be at level 4.

And what about those people who just put us a level 3. The nation hates you. We are being trained to gang up on one other.

Unite against COVID 19 by dobbing in your neighbour and hate those that do not comply. Well done Ardern you have implemented your totalitarianism before anyone got to say, Hey don’t we get a say in this?

I see red, I see red, I see red!

Fun fact, how much CO2 does the average human breath out each day?

1.04 kg that means we are each “polluting” the atmosphere by over 380 kg per annum.  That is 2.66 billion tons of CO2.

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