Worked it out yet?

SO has anyone else noticed. I am sure you have, being onto it Planet-B’ers

Firstly the reporting of Covid cases is now ticking consistently out to reporting 2 daily (started before the holiday period – so that’s not the reason) , and most obviously, the Propaganda Facilitators are not reporting the vaccination status by percentage of the case load.  The only days they do are the very rare days now that the unvaxxed do exceed the vaxxed (seems it doesn’t fit the gummint rhetoric and makes the billions they have spent fu*king this up, harder to justify by the day) 

It is, as we predicted, now a pandemic of the vaccinated in NZ too. As Ants pointed out 80+% of all places of interest are places you have to have a vaccination pass to enter.  Just to confirm we are not (or at least I am not) psychic, but as they say in the cowboy movies “…there is nothing new in Dodge.”

Let’s hope we follow the UK and say No More Number 4 , as one two and three ineffective jabs are clearly enough.  Speaking of useless pricks, a little birdie suggests there may be some changes coming mid-year involving the senior management at the Clown Circus (we will see how accurate our rumour mill is I guess).    

So where is this going.  Well a few things of note in the Djokovic matter.  1. The Judge’s comments (obiter) were supressed. 2. They took less than 10 minutes to decide the matter. 3. Costs are generally awarded against the applicant of the Judge believes their actions were illegal, immoral or in breach of the rules of say Equity etc.  Finally , and I get the Propaganda Facilitators did not get this one, they have given the Joker leave to immediately appeal under urgency if the OZ Gummint attempt to overturn the effect of the ruling (love a little Judicial activism).  Seems to be some truth in Golf course gossip (the guys I (used to) gossip with are all judges and legal types, that the judiciary recognise most of the laws and mandates passed by the various 3rd world Clown Circuses (disguised as government) are unenforceable. 

If you’re unvaccinated, stay safe and keep away from those vaccinated, they are dangerous bastards.  If you are vaccinated, then make sure you take a Panadol, cos I have a headache.

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