Worst case scenario

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By Joachim Wanihi

My uneducated summary of this article, with the intention of making it simple to understand.

To begin, it’s important to note that the results are in (1 year on) showing ‘lockdowns’ and ‘mask mandates’ haven’t made any significant difference compared to places that didn’t. So the first paragraph in this article is super misleading.

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the result suggested the lockdown was working. We now know she was right.”

But aside from that, this article is about a government document, outlining what Jacinda Adern’s response would be during a ‘worst-case scenario’. It was produced during the height of not knowing anything about the virus. Also, the same time when ‘media’ were grossly over estimating their “death-fear-millions, death-fear-millions” campaign – now ‘poof’ magically gone.

The article actually does a good job detailing the extreme measures that would be followed during a worst-case scenario, “rationing food, closing supermarkets and pharmacies etc”. So I encourage you to read it further so you can prepare for a huge change in life.

Because in actuality, we’ve already descended towards the ‘worst-case scenario’, a while ago. I’ll explain how, but more than that you’ll understand why.

A prime minister is just a person, much like yourself, they too have worldview. Jacinda Adern is a socialist, which basically means ‘you’ have to share everything you own with ‘me’. Because I’m a maori victim and it’s not fair that ‘you’ are more privileged (hard working) than ‘me’. No seriously, that’s the gist of socialism. So here’s the interesting thing in relation to the article, it fits perfectly into her worldview. She would be absolutely thrilled to see this worst-case scenario come to fruition. An opportunity to further demonstrate her kindness every Matariki public holiday.

Note: I’m not a socialist, I just have brown skin.

In Summary
The reason why countries are opening up 100% with no lockdowns or mask mandates, is because they’ve changed their strategy from ‘eliminating the virus’ to ‘learning to live with the virus’.

The reason why Jacinda will never change her strategy to ‘learning to live with the virus’, is because she has a worst-case scenario that happens to fit her worldview.

Welcome to endless lockdowns.


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