Would you buy a car from a climate scientist?

The latest theory coming from the department of Settled Science is surely now a cry of desperation.


According to “the science” it isn’t too far from the truth that not only could clouds disappear altogether but they could get thicker.

I’m sure he also boasts he has a sure fire way to always win at the races by betting on every horse

There is virtually nothing science hasn’t claimed climate change may do

There are studies funded by the taxpayer that point to so many things you couldn’t list them all but here is some.

Climate change may cause

  • Less snow
  • More snow
  • Less rain
  • More rain
  • Less insects
  • More insects
  • Thicker clouds
  • No clouds
  • Less water
  • Still more rain
  • Rising sea levels
  • Lowering sea levels
  • Colder winters
  • Warner winters
  • Warming leading to cooling
  • Cooling leading to warming
  • More trees but that’s bad
  • Less trees, that’s bad
  • More biomass
  • Less biomass
  • More natural disasters
  • Less natural disasters
  • Less earthquakes
  • Less nutritious food
  • Food shortages
  • More food waste
  • a greener planet
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Heart failure
  • Lung failure
  • Brain damage
  • Housing problems
  • Cancer
  • Mental health issues
  • Migration
  • Overdoses
  • Pollution
  • Over population
  • Mass extinction
  • more wildfires
  • Faster plant growth
  • Lower plant growth
  • and lastly Way more Science Fiction

The list goes on as any study that has climate change in it gets funding. If you want to study the physics of a bumble bee in relation to the size of its wings versus the weight of its body, you would simply apply by writing an application such as.

Could the ability of a bumble bee to fly be affected by climate change. Funding approved

If you want to waste tax payers money on studying something as pointless as the average volume of urine bats piss while hanging upside down…

Could climate change be affecting the ability of bats to expel uric acid. Funding approved

Here are some real studies where the scientists must have used this to their advantage, just a little.

  • Climate change will impact the costs of production, revenues and profits of wine producers
  • the supply of beer could decline by about 16 percent in years when droughts and heat waves strike.
  • Temperature changes could limit whisky production at some of Scotland’s distilleries in the next 60 years,
  • The global environmental impacts of cocaine
  • Climate displacement pushes girls into prostitution
  • Fine dining has a horrible carbon footprint

They sound like studies that may have been interesting to get a few hundred thousand dollars to study.

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