I’m off to that GROUNDSWELL PROTEST tomorrow 16 July 2021.

Go and hide under a rock James Shaw – and take your shower of strangling’s with you. This is gonna be way different than a single farmer on an old Ferguson Tractor coming up the steps of Parliament – and you lot down there in Wellington better hope this lot don’t drive these GREAT BIG ANGRY TRACTORS AND UTES – up the steps of Parliament buildings to meet you.

It’ll be a HOWL OF A PROTEST – way bigger than all those pathetic Greens have ever managed. As for me – I’m gonna ride with Nathan Murray and his dogs – in his great big angry tractor – down State Highway One – and down the Main street of Levin – with all the other farmers and their tractors and utes. TAX THAT why don’t you Jacinda. Take a deep breath Parliament – you are in for a surprise. What will the media do? How will they put a negative spin on this? Clowns that they are.

Purveyors of Leftist propaganda. Bbbbbrrrrruuuuummmmmm! Woof woof! Take a picture of THAT and stick it on your pathetic propaganda shows! Take a deep breath Jacinda – and James Shaw? Look at what you stirred up now with your leftist lunacy. Fifty towns and cities Nation Wide! Make no mistake – New Zealand has NEVER seen a Protest like this one coming to a town near you at lunch time tomorrow. Tractors and Farmers and Utes and Dogs – – and me – waving a real New Zealand flag stapled to a broomstick.

I’ve never been to a protest before – and now I’ll be part of the biggest Protest in New Zealand’s history. Those idiot Greens and leftists and Jacinda and all their peculiar mates will be wetting their pants. DIAPER TIME! They have finally managed to move the sleeping Giant – with all their subversive anti human ideas, lunatic demands, communist ideology land grabbing policies. What a bunch of clowns – didn’t know to stop when they were ahead. What about that creepy green plan to annex and take over all those, “Significant Natural Areas,” on people’s farms.

Who do these dummies think has been looking after those areas as part of farms for the last 200 years so they are still there now for the wakko greens to try to come and take over in the twenty first century? – HOBBITS? Are these idiots deluded. Ask yourself: Have the Nation’s Conservatives ever gone out in protest before? This will be the biggest protest in New Zealand’s history. The idiots at the Mainstream Media will have to stage another Moon Landing to ignore that? It takes a bit to get the New Zealand Farmer out and protesting – but they have been roundly provoked by the idiot Leftists and Green Communists Government – and you managed it Jacinda. Don’t look now – but the push back is commmiiiinnnggggg! Tomorrow will be what people remember about your term in office Jacinda – it will be in every history they write about this era – and people will remember – that this was the day we took the wind out of your sails.

By Denis Hall

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