Simply stating the dictionary and biological definition of a woman is now “hate speech”.

The company gave in to the woke mob and removed the billboard in Wellington today. This is how weak NZ is becoming- people feeling their existence is threatened over a sign. If these people encountered proper hardship, harm or war they would faint and fall over like a shocked sparrow! Truly privileged people who think they have a right not to be offended in life, well now they are actively silencing and oppressing women with the law and institutions on their side!

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Janne (재인) @jannejanne 17h TW: Transphobia, TERF, hate speech I'm not sure when it happened but SUFW have put up a billboard on Manners Street. Is there anything we can do to get it taken down, or minimise the harm to our trans whãnau? woman"
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