You cop the most flack when you are over the target!

By Brad Flutey…

They just hit me with another restriction for the same post that gave me the initial 3-day restriction.

Now it’s 30 days…

Maybe this isn’t about that post, maybe it’s about the damning evidence this article contained on the government and their lefty trolls blatant incompetence in relation to March 15th.

Hate Speech – The Pursuit Of Idealistic Tyranny.


Here’s a question, why does the government’s media desperately want to stop Andrew Niccol’s movie? Andrew Niccol is well known for movies that depict a technocratic dystopia.


Personally, I think the victim’s families would want a full open and transparent investigative documentary into why the government failed so epically to stop it.

After all, knowing the truth is true justice.

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