You Literally Cannot Make This Shit Up!

Will Ardern do the dirty on people she has entered into a contract with regarding her wedding arrangements? Vogue photographers are just one example. Then you’ve got the chefs, the booze, the florist, and all sorts of other wedding hire outfits.

Will she be wanting any deposits she may have paid reimbursed? Look how shabbily she & Gayford treated the Bushmere Arms owner, not to mention the ensuing awkward relationship between him & his mate, Gayford’s father.

Then there’s the dress. Was that on ‘loan’ from some wedding dress designer? Easily discarded? So many questions. Not to mention the stress the billionaire & the renovation team were under to have the mansion all tickity boo for the star studded humble wedding of the year.

What a shabby show indeed. Next time, Cindy, just go get married in a park somewhere. Other interesting point is the arrival of the photographers in MIQ. Thought quarantine time was 10days? The wedding was on the 29th.

So did Ardern rubber stamp an earlier release for them?

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "@HunterST_NZ Mate and I own a Beechcraft Bonanza A36 We sometimes do charter flights Got a booking last night 4 photographers from Vogue want a return flight to Gisborne for Arderns wedding They arrived 20/2 currently in MIQ We've also been told by CAA there's a no fly zone over Nicks Head!! 5:19 AM AM. 23/01/22 Twitter Web"
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