You Think About It Too Much

I had someone tell me the other day… “You think about this stuff too much”. It’s not the first time I’ve heard that. Statements like that paint a very vivid picture of the collective mindset.

I asked… “What do I think too much about? My friends losing their 20-30 year careers when there is no scientific justification for it?

How my wife and I could get mandated out of our careers?

How the elderly have been left to spend their last days scared and alone for two years?

How every government in the free world has openly admitted to using this pandemic as an opportunity to speed up their sustainable development goals for the UN… and nobody talks about how crazy that is?

How successful physicians who spent their entire careers helping people, can no longer speak?

How my kids can’t go anywhere anymore?

How my family can’t get on a plane anymore and fly in our own country?

How Quebec banned people from walking their dogs after 10:00pm… and people went along with it?

How nothing these lunatics say makes any sense, which you admit, yet you keep going along with it anyway?

How someone like you, a good decent person who I’ve always respected, can watch people be threatened and punished and how you can sit there and not think about what’s happening… at all?

You say I think about this stuff too much… I say you don’t think about it nearly enough. And it’s why we are where we are.

I think about it so much because I have to pick up your slack.”

End of conversation.

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