You will know when you see it

Famous last words. We are now seeing just how labour policy is created.

Take half an arse, a sprinkle of cluelessness and hide it away and tell everyone it’s a pavlova.

Ardern has as much of a handle of these ridiculous hate speech laws, as she has on the difference between crown accounts and GDP, “next question”

Yes Ardern, obviously you don’t know “when you will see it” as you don’t even know what it is.

And shutting down talk of it, is just proving how high your arrogance has risen to.

Tova O’Brian, who normally can be found half way up Ardern’s backside smelling the flowers, has gone as far as saying Ardern is misleading us. Hang on, did she accuse the supreme leader of being a liar?

Surely not?

Seems the love affair is over. I was just saying today that the media are becoming a little tired of the governments lack of respect for peoples intelligence.

I said if Tova turns on Ardern then Ardern is in trouble.

And then this gets published

That is some pretty strong messages from the leader of the Ardern fan club.

Audrey Young is no longer buying the fairy dust too and seems to have fallen out of favour.

Picking and choosing who she talks to in the media may become problematic for the queen of spin.

It’s the condescending way she dismisses things that are just “trivialising things.” If she can’t answer the basic questions of these laws, laws that are an enormous change in free speech. Then what chance do those who implement the low tree of the law have.

Too much focus on “look at me” not enough on doing her job.

Remember Helen Clark getting the boot for restrictive shower heads and energy efficient lightbulbs.

Ardern must have said “hold my beer”

It seems this government is now wielding a sword tasked with slashing away our rights to what we can and can’t do or say.

Good luck with your power grab.

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